Home News ‘Nostalgic’ exhibition of 1960s Italian comics is extended

‘Nostalgic’ exhibition of 1960s Italian comics is extended

Following the interest and support for the exhibition Eureka – A Forgotten Anglo-Italian Comic Strip Adventure, hosted at University Ƶ Library – Costa Coffee Shop, the University is pleased to announce the extension of the show until 13 September 2024.

The collection of original comics and blow ups from Italy in the 1960s offers a window on a different world when US and British comics shaped Italian visual culture.

Co-curator of the exhibition Professor Hugo Frey said: “I am delighted there has been so much interest and it is clear that Italians living in and around West Sussex and the south coast have found the comics both nostalgic and powerful visual material. It was a unique period that deserves better both critical and historical understanding.”

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