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Making an impact and creating real change

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Research is central to everything we do at the University Ƶ, informing not only how we contribute knowledge and ideas, but also how we teach, connect with others, and make an impact.

We support rigorous and interdisciplinary research in all our academic areas, fostering new ways of thinking and working that set us apart from other institutions. We also recognise that our success in research depends on how we empower our staff and students within the community they create.

Research Themes

Showcasing the interconnectivity of our research areas

Our three research themes set out our key missions and strengths. They are not intended to be mutually exclusive; rather, they reflect the diversity of approaches we take in research, facilitating new connections between subject areas, methods and aims.

Student using VR headset to examine a digital skeleton

Health and Wellbeing

Research is critically important to improving quality of life outcomes, from infancy to old age.

Our work in this area supports new approaches to healthcare services and healthy living, as well as the impact of wider social, economic and environmental factors on wellbeing, broadly conceived.

With longstanding research strengths in sports science, physiotherapy and psychology, we are developing new insights, solutions and diagnostic capabilities across a wide range of academic disciplines.

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Culture and Community

This strand of our research activity investigates the processes through which, as individuals, we are both reflected and shaped by the societies we are part of – whether through creative art and literature, making sense of the past, or recognising the cultural impact of an ever-shifting media landscape.

Our work in this area builds on our longstanding reputation in the arts and humanities, contributing towards creative traditions and industries in new ways, and amplifying their internationally significant social and economic impact.

Game Coding student working on code on their computer

Smarter Solutions

Our research in this theme addresses the challenges and needs of twenty-first century life by making human-made systems work better.

This includes pioneering technical and digital innovations to enhance the organisational cohesion of businesses, workforces, and students.

Other research areas include: improving machine and robot functionality (including AI); advancing the availability of cheap, clean energy; and refining legal, policy-based or ethical frameworks and methods.

Smarter solutions are invested in sustainable outcomes, working against short-termism to secure shared economic and social prosperity that stands the test of time.

Our Research Centres

Explore our research centres

Research is always, at some level, collaborative. Our research environment is underpinned across all our academic areas by a range of active and inclusive research centres, drawing together a distinct community of staff and postgraduate researchers at regular events, in research projects, and through engaging with external organisations.

We are always eager to hear from potential partners and postgraduate students interested in working with us. Browse our research centres, and the many research groups and labs they contain, to find out more.

Postgraduate Research Degrees

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PhDs and MPhil Degrees

Choose your research specialism and complete your postgraduate research degree with us. Explore our research support and Pre-PhD Preparation programme, and find out how to apply.

South Coast Doctoral Training Partnership Funding

Backed by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the South Coast DTP provides a wide range of funding opportunities to doctoral students, as well as some incredible opportunities for postgraduate and postdoctoral study.

Our Impact and Governance

Discover our research impact and standards

Research Excellence Framework

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) runs every seven years identifies who is producing the most excellent research in the UK.

Research Governance

Browse our research ethics and find out how our research is governed and monitored.

Our REF 2021 results

86% of the University Ƶ's outputs rated as internationally renowned
Over three-quarters of our research impact considerable, very considerable or outstanding in reach and significance
REF 2021 results reflect achievements in subject areas across the whole University

Research Repository

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Chiprints Repository

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Research Office

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The Research Office champions our University Research Strategy and supports the development of our research environment and researchers.

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