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The Qualitative Research Hub was established by Dr Melissa Day and Dr Karen Rodham in 2022 to serve as a forum for encouraging the development of qualitative research across all disciplines.

While qualitative methodologies have provided exciting and challenging ways of doing research for some time now, the road to establishing their legitimacy has been rocky, with many disciplines dominated by (post-) positivist empiricist research paradigms.

Despite these challenges, however, qualitative research has continued to flourish across many areas, with a variety of qualitative-specific journals, conferences and societies leading the way.

Embracing these developments, our Qualitative Research Hub is building an open community of qualitative researchers in West Sussex, with the aim of widening interdisciplinary discourse, fostering new ways of thinking and embracing new and innovative research methodologies.


Melissa Day
Dr Melissa Day
Karen Rodham
Dr Karen Rodham
Dr Bruno De Oliveira
Valentina Canessa-Pollard
Michelle Cleveland
Dr. Michelle Cleveland
Tina Crowley
Suzi Everley
Dr Suzanne Everley
Alison Woodward
Tanya Goosen
Tanya Goosen
Dr Gemma Harman
Rachel King
Dr Rachel King
Chris Pocock
Dr Chris Pocock
Tilly Spurr
Dr Tilly Spurr
James Stiller
Dr James Stiller
Hollie Trollen

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